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News & Updates

Going Forward in 2021

Hey everyone!  So 2020 sure has been something, eh?  Yes there are more choice words I would use but hey we're trying to stay positive looking ahea...

Current Terrarium Charities: Fair Fight and Climate Emergency Fund

Charities have been rotated slightly, and will now be split between Fair Fight and Climate Emergency Fund    50% of proceeds from any Terrariums, L...

Concerning Brexit Changes and UK Customers

So as many small businesses have been made aware in the last week or so, there are some MASSIVE changes to selling to customers in the UK from othe...

Current Charities for Summer 2020: Campaign Zero & Climate Emergency Fund

So for this summer I have decided that I will be changing how my larger sculptures and the Dishware Terrariums work.  Going forward, 50% of the proceeds from sales of either my sculptures, Dishware Terrariums, or my upcoming Baku Wall Mounts will be donated to a set of charities that will rotate throughout the year.