February's Donations and Spring Updates

Hey everyone!  While it's still very much winter, temperature wise I'm sure most people are starting to long for warmer spring-like surroundings.  Likewise, we here at All Nighter Productions also are tired of having to wear 3-4 layers to keep warm (especially with all the snow melted into sad little ice piles).  So we've been hard at work on getting some spring in our step and that means NEW CRITTERS!

Yes, finally we have figured 3 new Verdling babies (one that's not so new but hasn't been available as an individual figure yet).  Coming hopefully sometime this March (weather dependent as it is still too cold to seal things outside and there's a bit of fine tuning with said sealing for 2 of the 3 new designs) we have Pineling Pups, Pondling Tadpoles, and Kelpling Pups.  As stated before, these new guys will be on a pre-order sort of basis.  They will be available to buy, but you will have to allow time for production as I will not be keeping much ready-to-ship in stock.  The preorders will have the same paint job as the image for the listings.  If there is sufficient demand for custom paint jobs for these I will reconsider and restructure the pre-orders to accommodate that but for now we're keeping things simple.

I will be sending out a newsletter with more details as I get closer to having all 3 new designs ready so if you haven't already be sure to sign up for that.  It's the most reliable way to keep up to date on what's going on with my shop, given the unreliable-ness of social media.

Also a fun bit of news, we have a donation update this month!  February saw our first official donation to Fair Fight and Climate Emergency Fund and I'm not gonna lie, I was very excited to make these donations.  As I said when I started this initiative last summer, it's not much, but every little bit we can do as individuals can make just that little bit of a difference.



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