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Resin sculptures, gallery pieces, creature necklaces, and other art pieces by Erin Rosenzweig.
If you are an international customer from outside North America, please send an inquiry via email.

News & Updates

Designercon and Holiday shop updates!

Hey everyone! With all the fall holidays around the corner I thought it'd be a good time to drop some info on the changes for the shop this season....

Charity Update June 2022

So as summer rolls around I've decided to update the Charities again.  TENT will still be one of the charities for the summer as Transgender rights...

Charities updated: Donations go to help Razom in Ukraine and TENT (Transgender Education Network of Texas)

So the world has become very dark very fast and I while I am a single person and I cannot change the world, I can help in a small way.  I have chan...