Charities updated: Donations go to help Razom in Ukraine and TENT (Transgender Education Network of Texas)

So the world has become very dark very fast and I while I am a single person and I cannot change the world, I can help in a small way.  I have changed my charities for my large sculptures and terrariums, so that they will now benefit Razom, an organization that directly aids people in Ukraine due to the ongoing Russian invasion, and TENT which helps Trans communities in Texas in the wake of the deeply inhuman bills going through legislature that endanger trans people and their families.  In addition, for the month of March I am making a special extra donation of 10% of all sales of ANY item in my shop to these two organizations.  This will run until April but the large sculpture and Terrarium donations will continue beyond that as per my usual rotating charity policy, which you can read more about on my FAQ page

In other news I am still in the midst of repairing my studio, which means that new work has been slow to produce, but I have a large inventory of items still available regardless.  I hope next time I have an update I can have better news but for now, I am simply doing my small part to try and make these dark days a little brighter.

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