September Donations and October Shop Update!

Hey everyone! 

It's been most of a year hasn't it?  Yes, things have been rather slow here in All Nighter land.  Pandemic craziness/adaptation has been quite the roller coaster for us, and as a result the shop had to take a bit of a back seat for awhile.  Then we got hit with the remnants of Hurricane Ida and that has semi-destroyed my studio.  Thankfully most everything was spared, but we do have to waterproof and replace all the floors and possibly some doors and such.  Which was not exactly good news after I'd only managed to put the studio back together a week earlier from painting and assembling furniture.  Ah well, such is life.

As a result I've been slowly cleaning out and moving the studio into various other parts of our house (as the entire thing will need to be emptied so they can install the drainage systems) and finding a bunch of unfinished pieces that had been sitting around.  So while we wait for the construction crews to be available, I'm working to finish up as big a batch as I can by mid-October for a nice hefty shop update.  This may or may not also be the last update for the year, depending on what happens once the waterproofing is done.  I will be putting together a preview catalog newsletter soon showing what all will be in the update, so if you haven't already be sure to sign up for my newsletter! 

I've also had to make the difficult decision to not attend in-person at Designercon this year despite being vaccinated, due to COVID-19 and the fact that I live with high-risk people who cannot be vaccinated (yet).  I'm hopefully going to be able to attend next year when hopefully everyone in the household can be vaccinated and the risk of me bringing something home from a convention is much lower.  Likewise, Five Points Festival has also decided not to go forward with the convention this year and instead will be aiming to hold their event next year, where once again I hope to be able to attend.  I hate not being able to go see everyone in person, but it's one of the responsible things I can do so that we can once again gather in large numbers safely in the future.  

Some good news this previous month, a generous adopter took home a baku wall mount sculpture which means it's donation time again!  Both Fair Fight and Climate Emergency Fund have gotten a share of the proceeds as of September 30th. 

Stay safe everyone!

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