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Shroomling - Light Morel

Shroomling - Light Morel

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Shroomlings are one of the more numerous Verdlings that roam the temperate and tropical forests of the world, but they are also one of the hardest to find.  Thanks to their incredible comflague skills we often overlook them of confuse them with the actual mushrooms they mimic and nest among.

Morel Shroomlings are a relatively unknown variant of Shroomling, as until recently they've been considered regular morel mushrooms that someone would occasionally steal from a forager's bags.  They've learned that maybe it might be a good idea to move around some to avoid getting picked.  True to form, shroomlings tend to nest in groups, and are often responsible for the fairy ring phenomenon.  These rings are usually comprised of at least 3-4 nest pairs and their offspring.

This is a one of a kind resin figure, cast in urethane resin from an original sculpt.  It measures approximately 4" tall and 2" wide.  It is hand painted with acrylics and sealed with clear coat varnish and gloss. 

This is a piece of art meant for adult collectors, not pets or small children.

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