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Cactling - Gold-Light Green

Cactling - Gold-Light Green

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Cactlings are a desert dwelling sub-species of plant dragon that prefer the arid landscapes of the world.  They live in the hollowed out holes in or around cactus patches, mimicking the spiney plants almost perfectly.  Their thick skin allows them to climb the cacti, while their spines make them appear, from a distance to just be another briar on the plant.  Their tails have even started evolving to fan out and mimic cactus flowers, which act as lures to entice insects to come within reach of their mouths.  As such, they tend to live in groups and bait food for others in their colony due to the stubby nature of their limbs.  Very few animals will tangle with these dragons as their spines are as sharp and unfriendly as the cacti themselves.

This is a hand painted cast resin art piece.  It is not intended as a toy for small children or pets.  It measures about 3.5" from nose to tail and 2" tall.  Each is painted with acrylics and sealed with acrylic varnish.

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