Going Forward in 2021

Hey everyone!  So 2020 sure has been something, eh?  Yes there are more choice words I would use but hey we're trying to stay positive looking ahead to the future here.  Needless to say, as with most everyone, this year was rough for us.  Shows were cancelled, help was limited thanks to need for social distancing, and supplies were harder to come by in a timely manner.  


As a result, I'm looking to adjust a few things concerning logistics with how I make and sell my sculptures and critters.  Starting with new designs in 2021, I will be switching to a mix between a pre-order system and ready-to-ship items.  New creatures that I make will be available to pre-order rather than me making a bunch and dropping them in the shop throughout the year.  If and/or when shows and conventions start up again I will be making larger batches of ready-to-ships for those, and any leftovers will go up in the shop as they have in the past, but hopefully this will allow for more freedom in the non-show months to keep the shop updated, and also to work on new creatures and designs without worrying about storage space.  I am considering adding custom color options for the pre-orders as well but am unsure yet how I would implement these.  I will be sure to announce if custom colors become an option. 


This will apply to all older designs that I'm still making as well, such as Mini Shroomlings, Mosslings, and Cactlings.  Discontinued designs will remain discontinued however, and will not be remade.  I may have special editions or new one-offs of older designs that I have lying around in the studio, but discontinued designs will not be available as pre-orders.


I will be continuing the 50% donations split with my Terrariums, large sculptures, and Baku wall mounts as well, rotating charities throughout the year.  This was intended to be an indefinite thing and as long as I am able, I will be donating 50% of my proceeds from these larger pieces to the charities listed on the Sculptures and Terrariums Page.


I'm under no delusions that when the clock ticks over into 2021 that all the problems that have sprung up in 2020 will magically disappear.  It's going to be a rough winter, but I'm determined to make sure that we're there on the other end of this dark tunnel, and I want to make sure that what is waiting there is bright and fun and happy, and hopefully full of fun little critters that make your day just a little bit better.

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