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Pineling - Red-brown

Pineling - Red-brown

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Pinelings are the newest discovery in the Verdling family of faerie dragons.  These tiny little forest floor dwellers like to mimic pinecones and hang out primarily around pine trees and other conifers.  Their hard scales deter many predators not only because of their excellent camouflage, but because even if caught they are very well armored and can pack a mean kick.  Their huge ears give them ample time to scurry under the forest brush and hide, and their noses allow for excellent foraging.  It's rumored that if you find a pineling pack, you can befriend them with treats and they may eventually start sharing their foraging finds with you.  Whether you like it or not.  A gift of toadstools and moss is not uncommon if you've been accepted by a pack of pinelings and their pups. 

From nose to tail it is ~3.5" long and ~1.25" wide.  Each figure is cast in urethane resin and hand painted with acrylics, then sealed with clear laquer sealer.

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