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Dishware Terrarium - Shroomling (Gold)

Dishware Terrarium - Shroomling (Gold)

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Shroomlings are one of the more numerous dragons that roam the temperate and tropical forests of the world, but they are also one of the hardest to find.  Thanks to their incredible comflague skills we often overlook them of confuse them with the actual mushrooms they mimic and nest among.  Shroomlings are one of the few species of plan dragons that can fly, allowing them to spread to the canopies where they mimic other tree dwelling fungi.  True to form, shroomlings tend to nest in groups, and are often responsible for the fairy ring phenomenon.  These rings are usually comprised of at least 3-4 nest pairs and their offspring.

A little known fact about Verdlings is that when they find themselves out of their habitat of choice for too long they tend to take up residence in dishes they find lying around and rebuild their homes in those.  These rare occurrences have only recently been documented, and for now it seems their dish of choice is old teacups and bowls.

This is a one of a kind piece of art.  The figure is a urethane resin cast painted in acrylics.  It is set in a vintage china tea cup with real moss, rocks, wood chips, and faux ferns.  It measures approximately  3.75" across and is 5" tall.

As this is a sculpture with delicate or glass components, shipping for this will include special fragile shipping and handling costs.  This will make shipping more expensive than normal.  Please be aware that by purchasing this item you are agreeing to these shipping terms.

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