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Baku Wall Mount - Black and Gold Set

Baku Wall Mount - Black and Gold Set

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Baku are yokai (Japanese spirits/demons) that feed your your nightmares, keeping them from harming you....unless you anger them.  If you have the unfortunate mishap of angering a baku, those nightmares will be regurgitated back at you instead of kept from harassing you.  These particular baku like to hang out in walls and generally loaf around houses half phased into the walls while they sleep.  Some of the lazier ones have been known to get stuck in place and just decided to stay put.  These one often can be found above couches or beds where people sleep so they don't have to go very far for their meals.

This is a one of a kind wall sculpture that is split into two parts, each set to hang on the wall to give the illusion of phasing in and our of a wall.  They can be placed separately anywhere on your walls, and come with mounting hardware attached.  They are casts from an original sculpt cast in feather-lite resin, which means they are much lighter than their size would indicate, so as not to pull away from the walls.  They are hand painted with acrylics and sealed with crystal clear acrylic coat.  The head measures about 8.5" across, about 6.5" from top to bottom, and is about 4" high from the base to the top of the head.  The butt is 3.5" wide, 5" long from base to the tip of the tail, is is about 5" from top to the bottom of the feet.  

Each of these baku wall mounts is part of my charity sculpture project, where 50% of all proceeds from each large sculpture sale is split between a set of rotating charities.  The current charities where donations will go are listed on my shop.

This is a piece of art intended for adult collectors and not for children or small pets.

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