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Greater Mossling - Green Moss

Greater Mossling - Green Moss

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Mosslings are small plant dragons the size of a hamster that adapt parts of their environments to their bodies for better camoflauge. They have been known to come in several different variants, the more common being the ones that mimic mossy rocks. These tend to live on rocky outcroppings in temperate forests, or more commonly these days, in parts at the base of trees, nesting amongst other moss patches. They are generally calm creatures, but when threatened will scurry away to safety, using their horns as a last resort. They are exceptionally fond of collecting shiney things, and have often been found with small troves of treasure, ranging from gems to bottle caps.

These are OOAK designer toys cast from an original sculpt in urethane resin and hand painted. Each piece is sealed with a clear coat of varnish. They are approximately 4" long from nose to tail and 3" wide.

Please be aware, this is a piece of art intended for adult collectors.  It is not intended for small children.

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